25th Annual AAS Conference Puerto Rico, Nov 5 – 8, 2014
Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa

On November 5th, 2014, the American Autonomic Society will come together for the highly anticipated, 25th Annual AAS Conference. Don’t miss your chance to attend this great event! Deadline for Abstract Submission is June 2, 2014.

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06:00 PM REGISTRATION (6:00-7:15 PM)

ROOM: Caribbean Ballroom Foyer

07:15 PM WELCOME (7:15-7:30 PM)

Dr. Thomas Chelimsky – President, American Autonomic Society
ROOM: Caribbean Ballroom 2-3

07:30 PM POSTER SESSION 1 (7:30-9:00 PM)

ROOM: Rio Mar 7-10


Poster #1: Functional and structural brain changes associated with the increase in muscle sympathetic nerve activity in obstructive sleep apnoea
R.H. Fatouleh, E. Hammam, L.C. Lundblad, P.M. Macey, D.K. McKenzie, L.A. Henderson, V.G. Macefield
Sydney, Australia

Poster #2: Regional cerebral cortical thickness correlates of autonomic outflow
J.K. Shoemaker, K.N. Norton, J.R. Baker, A. Heineke
London, ON, Canada

Poster #3: Sex differences in dietary sodium-induced increases in systolic BP variability: a role for serum sodium
M.M. Wenner, M.S. Brian, E. Matthews, S.D. Stocker, W.B. Farquhar
Newark, DE, USA

Poster #4: Women with a history of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy have augmented sympathetic neural and cardiovascular responses during static handgrip exercise
Q. Fu, A.S.L. Stickford, S.A. Best, Y. Okada, S.S. Jarvis, R.S. Parker, M.A. Roberts, B.D. Levine
Dallas, TX, USA

Poster #5: Peroneal nerve activity related to sensory symptoms in restless legs syndrome (RLS): a case report on the urge to move
J.A. Taylor, S. Bertisch, J.W. Hamner, J.W. Winkelman
Boston, MA, USA


Poster #6: Cerebral blood flow velocity responses to physical and mental stress
C.E. Taylor, J. Kusel, T. Witter, T. O’Donnell, Y.C. Tzeng
Sydney, Australia

Poster #7: Cerebral blood flow measurement during HUTT: clinical utility and implications for children and young adults
M.T. Numan, A. Gourishankar, R. Martinez, J. Lankford, I. Butler
Houston, TX, USA

Poster #8: Reduced vestibular function in veterans is associated with worse cerebral autoregulation
J.M. Serrador, Y. Haber, A. Acosta, B. Ghobreal, M. Blatt
East Orange, NJ, USA

Poster #9: Increases in sympathetic activity during cold pressor test does not cause cerebral vasoconstriction
J.M. Serrador, M. Blatt, B. Ghobreal, M. Falvo
East Orange, NJ, USA

Poster #10: Cerebral blood flow (CBF) assessment for patients with convulsions during HUTT
A. Gourishankar, E. Ali, J. Lankford, I.J. Butler, M. Numan
Houston, TX, USA

Poster #11: Cerebrovascular responses during autonomic dysreflexia in individuals with spinal cord injury
I.S. Sahota, H.J.C. Ravensbergen, J.A. Inskip, M.S. McGrath, V.E. Claydon
Burnaby, BC, Canada


Poster #12: Orthostatic hypotension, frailty and falling risk in elderly care home residents
K. Sabbaghan, B.H. Shaw, Y. Yang, S.N. Robinovitch, V.E. Claydon
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Poster #13: Presence of premature ventricular complexes predicts a positive response during tilt table test
R. Dendi, M. Reddy, P. Subramaniyam, D. Shanberg, R. Bhaktiani, N. Reddy, J. Pillarisetti, S. Bommana, D. Lakkireddy
Kansas City, KS, USA

Poster #14: Autonomic and hemodynamic parameters in active African American and Caucasian women
P. Latchman, G. Gates, R. Axtell, R. Thiel, N. Stachenfeld, R. De Meersman
New Haven, CT, USA

Poster #15: Essential nutrient depletion in obstructive sleep apnea: autonomic consequences
R.M. Harper, R. Kumar, R.K. Harper, F. Yan-Go, D. Kang
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Poster #16: Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance in dopamine β hydroxylase deficiency
C. Shibao, E.M. Garland, J.M. Luther, J.E. Celedonio, S.R. Raj, I. Biaggioni, D. Robertson
Nashville, TN, USA

Poster #17: Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and diabetic neuropathy (DN): measuring therapeutic benefit objectively
A.I. Vinik, M.-L. Nevoret, M.E. Bourcier
San Diego, CA, USA

Poster #18: Structural and functional measures in a human model of small fiber neuropathy
B.M. Illigens, R. Freeman, C.H. Gibbons
Boston, MA, USA

Poster #19: The autonomic and small fiber implications of treatment induced neuropathy of diabetes
C.H. Gibbons, R. Freeman
Boston, MA, USA

Poster #20: Autonomic dysfunction in stiff person syndrome (SPS): observations in 8 cases
A. Barboi
Chicago, IL, USA

Poster #21: A comparison of the progression of autonomic dysfunction in diabetic patients compared to other etiologies
J.L. Gilden, C. Prades, S. Paturi, I. Worden, C. Xiang, B. Theckedath, J. Stoll, R. Trotta
North Chicago, IL, USA

Poster #22: Prolonged QTc interval in patients seropositive for ganglionic (α-3) acetylcholine receptor autoantibody
W.P. Cheshire, K.L. Venkatachalam, M.H. Yamani, V.A. Lennon
Jacksonville, FL, USA


Poster #23: Investigation of early symptoms in multiple system atrophy
W.P. Cheshire
Jacksonville, FL, USA

Poster #24: The role of physical therapy in dysautonomia- patient survey
R.E. Martinez, I.J. Butler, M.T. Numan
Houston, TX, USA

Poster #25: Evaluation of cardiac neural regulation in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
L. Dalla Vecchia, A. Lucini, D. Volza, R. Sideri, K. Marinou, G. Mora
Milan, Italy

Poster #26: Electrochemical skin conductance in autonomic synucleinopathies
J. Martinez, J.-A. Palma, L. Percival, H. Kaufmann
New York, NY, USA

Poster #27: Catecholamine autotoxicity. Implications for pharmacology and therapeutics of Lewy body diseases
D.S. Goldstein, I.J. Kopin, Y. Sharabi
Bethesda, MD, USA

Poster #28: Initial diagnosis of pure autonomic failure (PAF). Follow up of Chilean patients
J. Idiaquez, O. Trujillo, J.F. Idiaquez, R. Fadic
Valparaíso, Chile

Poster #29: GLOMSAR: a global multiple system atrophy registry
F. Krismer, L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, J.-A. Palma, I. Biaggioni, H. Kaufmann, and G.K. Wenning on behalf of the European MSA Study Group and Autonomic Disorders Consortium
New York, NY, USA


Poster #30: Lack of an osmopressor response linked to hyponatremia
L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, C. Fuente Mora, H. Kaufmann
New York, NY, USA

Poster #31: Urologic symptoms in pediatric patients with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
M.E. Rivera, S.A. Kimmes, A.B. Strand, P.R. Fischer, C.F. Granberg
Rochester, MN, USA

Poster #32: How helpful is the Valsalva maneuver in predicting abnormal tilt test results in children?
G. Chelimsky, T. Prieto, C. Welzig, P. Simpson, T. Chelimsky
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Poster #33: Near-infrared spectroscopy in pediatric orthostatic disorders
G. Chelimsky, B. Quirk, C. Welzig, T. Chelimsky, T. Prieto, A. Mueller, J. Figueroa, D. Wallner, H. Whelan
Milwaukee, WI, USA


Poster #34: Falls during a 10-week placebo-controlled study of droxidopa for neurogenic orthostatic hypotension in Parkinson’s disease
Dr G. Rowse, S. Heritier, L.A. Hewitt
Charlotte, NC, USA

Poster #35: Recurrent syncope in a wrestler
R.K. Khurana
Baltimore, MD, USA

Poster #36: Do duration and lateralization of ictal asystole predict ictal syncope?
M.T. Bestawros, A. Arain, B. Abou-Khalil, D. Darbar, S.R. Raj
Nashville, TN, USA

Poster #37: Integrated efficacy and safety analyses of droxidopa for symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypotension
R.A. Hauser, C.B.N. Szakacs, H. Kaufmann
New York, NY, USA