AAS: 2016 Speakers | Nisha Charkoudian, PhD



TALK: Influences of female reproductive hormones on autonomic regulation of blood pressure and body temperature in humans
DAY: Thursday, November 3, 8:30 – 9:30 am

Dr. Nisha Charkoudian is a Research Physiologist at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM). She has a PhD in Physiology and did her post-doctoral fellowship at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. She was Associate Professor of Physiology at Mayo until 2011 when she moved to the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick, MA.
Her research interests include the neurovascular and hormonal control of blood pressure, autonomic mechanisms of thermoregulation, and the influences of reproductive hormones on these integrative mechanisms. Since joining USARIEM, Dr. Charkoudian has been studying the interactions between sympathetic control of the circulation and physiological responses to heat, exercise, dehydration and high altitude. She was part of a research team that developed a smartphone app to assess fluid status and predict water needs in soldiers during training and combat missions. Prior to joining the Army, she received research funding from the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association. At USARIEM, her research funding comes from the U.S. Army and the DoD Defense Health Program (DHP). She has over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and has published in journals such as the American Journal of Physiology, Journal of Physiology, Hypertension, and Clinical Autonomic Research. She serves as Consulting Editor for the American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulation, and serves on the Editorial Boards of the American Journal of Physiology, the Journal of Applied Physiology, Clinical Autonomic Research, and Autonomic Neuroscience.
Dr. Charkoudian served on the Board of Directors of the AAS from 2008 to 2012.


Nisha Charkoudian, PhD


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