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Autonomic Workshop for Generalists


AAS-260x170-Content-WorkshopWe are pleased to provide a workshop for generalists in the management of autonomic disorders this year in San Diego in conjunction with the meeting of the AAS.

Do some of your patients “drop out of life” with chronic nausea, abdominal pain or dizziness? Are they “heart-sink” patients (meaning that your heart sinks when their name appears on your schedule because nothing seems to work)? Over 30% of patients presenting to a primary practice harbor a functional disorder like chronic idiopathic nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, postural tachycardia syndrome or chronic migraine.
And yet all of us in medicine remain ill-equipped to diagnose or manage this population because most medical school and training programs do not address their issues. This live, patient-based workshop aims to fill this gap. You will hear from world-renowned experts on each topic, followed by your eliciting history from a live patient with the problems just covered. Only patient-based training (like resident and fellowship) changes how practitioners think.

We hope you may consider attending and invite those who would benefit from this training. Scientists may also consider attending as it would provide them with a window to better understand the clinical side of what they are investigating. Live patient cases will be included.
Please see brochure for details. Click Here to Register!