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Remembering Dr. Schatz


Dear Members of the American Autonomic Society, it is with great sadness that we report the death of Irwin Schatz.


Irv was one of the founding members of the American Autonomic Society and its fourth President. We all had the honor of hearing him speak at our 2013 AAS meeting on the Big Island of Hawaii. His long and distinguished career as a physician and humanitarian have been extolled by many of his colleagues and friends:





AAS Travel Fellowship Awards


AAS Travel Fellowship Awards are available to attend the 2015 AAS / ISAN / EFAS / JSNR meeting. Deadline: 15th May 2015.


Travel fellowship awards are only available to AAS members. However, please be aware that trainee memberships are discounted to $50, and junior faculty memberships are discounted to $175. Individuals that are not yet members may complete their membership application and then are eligible to apply for the travel fellowship awards. Please find the membership application available on our website under the New Membership Application section. To learn more please click ‘Apply Now’