Membership & Abstract Submission How-To:

Please follow these steps to create a new membership (during which an account will be created). The same process applies for renewing your membership.

1. Navigate to New Membership Application

Complete the form and make the payment.

2. Follow the response of the Application Form

The on-page response now contains a new “rich” area which will provide instructions for proceeding to the Member’s Dashboard.

At this point, a new user account has been created and the information submitted on the form is saved. The username is the user’s email address.

3. Gaining Access

It’s not good practice to send passwords via email or signing in automatically. Continue the process by filling in the email address into the field and press Recover Password.


Follow the “Recover Password” process up to the point where you “log in” with your newly created password.

4. Manual Account Registration

User Account Registration has also been activated on this page for convenience. If an account has already been created with this process and the user pays for the year’s membership, the form will not create another user account.


The user can at any time, however, use the Recover Password process to retrieve a new password and gain access to the Members Dashboard.

Non-Member: Gaining Access

Non AAS Members can register through the Member’s Dashboard. The membership feature is set up to register you as a Contributor to the site. Contributor Members are able to use the abstract functionality.


This brings you to the Abstracts page. On your left, you will notice a small navigation area. From the Application tab, you can “Renew” your membership next year. This whole menu/page shows dynamic content depending on the user being signed in or not.


The link to this page is now added to the Membership Menu header area.


You can proceed to add/edit abstracts here.

Populated Membership Forms

Returning to either the New Membership or Renew Membership form will now show populated content when the user is signed in.