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The American Autonomic Society is frequently asked to recommend physicians with interest in disorders of the autonomic nervous system. If you are a member of the society, and want to be included in this listing, click here
Physicians and patients should recognize that the American Autonomic Society does not endorse or recommend particular physicians or their approaches to treatment. In the following listing, the physician name and contact information is provided along with specific autonomic disorders the physician treats:

Personal Title Prof.
Name Ki-Jong Park
Business Address Department of Neurology, Gyeongsang National University Hospital
City Jinju-si
State / Province Gyeongsangnam-do
Country South Korea
ZIP / Postal Code 660 702
Specialty Peripheral neruology, Autonomic neurology
Current Position Professor
Highest Academic Degree Ph.D.
Areas of major interest relevant to the autonomic nervous system:

Distal small fiber neuropathy, Orthostatic intolerance, Anhidrosis/Hyperhidrosis