2021 International Symposium on the Autonomic Nervous System less than 2 months away!!

2021 International Symposium on the Autonomic Nervous System less than 2 months away!!


Dear AAS members and friends,

The 2021 International Symposium on the Autonomic Nervous System is less than 2 months away.
Register today – early registration ends on September 15, and registration rates will increase after that.

Due to COVID restrictions, this will be a virtual meeting November 4-6, 2021. The meeting will start each day at around 9:30 am central time to allow participation from many time zones. And, content will be recorded for later viewing. 11.0 CME credits are available for participants.

To liven up the virtual meeting, we will have several expanded features:
-Ÿ          A virtual interactive session on mindful meditation
Ÿ-          A virtual Presidential reception with entertainment
Ÿ-          A late-breaking clinical trials session featuring the first-look at the latest clinical trial results
Ÿ-          Guided poster tours led by AAS Board members including live interaction with poster presenters
Ÿ-          An interactive poster session with ability to interact directly with poster presenters
Ÿ-          The Ultimate Autonomic Case challenge (there is still time to submit a case if you have a good one)
-Ÿ          Industry-sponsored symposia featuring novel therapeutics

Register today at the early meeting rates:

We are excited to see you soon,

Steve Vernino, MD, PhD
President, American Autonomic Society


2021 Ultimate Autonomic Challenge
The American Autonomic Society is calling for your participation in the 2021 Ultimate Autonomic Challenge. The fourth UAC will take place during the American Autonomic Society virtual meeting. A faculty expert panel will host a live discussion of four challenging clinical cases. The clinical cases should address complex autonomic medicine disorder diagnosis and management dilemmas. The presenters will use an internet-based Audience Response System (ARS) to engage and interact with the audience in real-time.

Please submit your case to be considered for review and presentation during the 2021 American Autonomic Society Meeting. Please send a case summary (up to 800 words) including title, presenter, and institution. In addition, please answer these 4 questions separate from the case summary. 

  1. Is this a diagnosis challenge (Y/N)?
  2. Is this a therapeutic challenge (Y/N)?
  3. What makes this case unique?
  4. What is the final diagnosis (if known). Please DO NOT include the diagnosis in the case summary.

Please send the case summary and other requested information via email directly to Amber Millen, AAS Executive Director, at amber@americanautonomicsociety.org.