Autonomic Neurologist Metrodora Institute

Autonomic Neurologist Metrodora Institute

Position: Autonomic Neurologist

The Metrodora Institute is looking for an autonomic neurologist to join our visionary team in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our mission is to revolutionize the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with neuroimmune disorders by seamlessly integrating care across multiple specialties.  Metrodora will bring providers and patients together to focus on health through care, research and community like never before.

The Metrodora Institute will consist of a multidisciplinary clinic where coordinated care for patients through all phases of their health journey will be our fundamental focus.  Our newly constructed state-of-the-art clinic and research center will be outfitted with the best equipment, tools and technology available today. Inspired by a wholistic approach to healing, the Metrodora Institute will feature a spa-like atmosphere married with patient care facilities and research suites that meet the needs of providers and patients alike to inspire healing and advancement in medicine and patient care.

At Metrodora we are committed to creating advancements in medicine, research and care that drives change and creates hope. Our goal to be the very best means that our team consists of the very best. Our team is passionate, talented, creative, and motivated. If you are interested in becoming part of Metrodora we want to talk to you!

We Offer:

  • State-of-the-art clinic and research center
  • The ability to drive change
  • Dedicated administrative support team
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Will support candidates on H-1B visas
  • Relocation assistance


Interested parties please email their information to