WR Medical Electronics Autonomic Equipment for Sale

WR Medical Electronics Autonomic Equipment for Sale

The Semmes Murphey Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee Autonomic Testing Provider has resigned and Autonomic Testing Equipment is for sale.


The equipment is from WR Medical Electronics Company, purchased Q4 2019 and received Q1 2020.


Per the invoice, the purchase included:

HRV Acquire Heart Variability Testing Lab, including

o   HRV Acquire Device Mounted on Articulating Arm

o   Windows 10 OS All-In-One Computer

o   WR TestWorks 3 Software and Manual

o   Vertical Cart Assembly

o   Medical Grade Isolation Transformer

o   Chest Bellows and ECG Cable and Lead Set


CNAP Beat-to-Beat BP Monitor System featuring

o   CNAP 500AT NIBP Monitor

o   Small, Med, Large 600 Hour Finger Cuffs

o   Integration Cabling with HRV Acquire


Tilt Table also available, purchased from McKesson in 2017 with a Surveyer BP Monitor.


The machinery is working well.  Tony Falanga (IT department) is the primary point of contact regarding the equipment.  His email address is tfalanga@semmes-murphey.com should you have questions.


Additional contact: Karen Adams (kadams@semmes-murphey.com)