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    September 23, 2016

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Trainee Poster Competition Judges: Eduardo Benarroch, Italo Biaggioni, Thomas Chelimsky, William Cheshire, Chris Gibbons, David Goldstein, Max Hilz & Yrsa Sverrisdotter



Poster #56
Exaggerated pressor and sympathetic responses to short-duration static handgrip in coronary artery disease patients: effect of six-months of cardiac rehabilitation
M.B. Badrov, K.N. Wood, S. Lalande, N. Suskin, J.K. Shoemaker
London, ON, Canada

Poster #57
Features of the autonomic circulatory control in patients with arterial hypertension depending on concomitant migraine
O.V. Mamontov, L. Babayan, A.V. Amelin, M. Bogachev, A.A. Kamshilin
St. Petersburg, Russia

Poster #58
Relationship between cardiovagal control and diastolic blood pressure in adult Native and Mexican Americans with a history of alcohol use disorders
J.R. Criado, D.A. Gilder, M.A. Kalafut, C.L. Ehlers
La Jolla, CA, USA

Poster #59
AAS-Lundbeck Travel Fellowship Award
The pathophysiology of carotid sinus hypersensitivity: sensory block of the sternocleidomastoid muscles does not increase responses to carotid sinus massage
M.G. Lloyd, T. van Leeuwen, J. Wakeling, M. Koehle, R.J. Drapala, V.E. Claydon
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Poster #60
Sympathetic activity does not contribute to hypertension in obese African American women
C.A. Shibao, A. Marinos, J.E. Celedonio, L.E. Okamoto, C.A. Arnold, A. Diedrich, A. Gamboa, I. Biaggioni
Nashville, TN, USA

Poster #61
Cardiac-vascular properties in older women with controlled hypertension
Q. Fu, Y. Okada, S.A. Best, S.S. Jarvis, M.M. Galbreath, B.D. Levine
Dallas, TX, USA

Poster #62
Higher within-person blood pressure associated with shorter sleep duration
P.M. Macey, L. Samy, M.-L. Brecht, K.E. Macey, S. Shaboyan, M. Sarrafzadeh
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Poster #63
Sex differences in insular cortex gyri responses to a hand grip challenge
P.M. Macey, N.S. Rieken, R. Kumar, J.A. Ogren, R.M. Harper
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Poster #64
Inter-individual sympathetic responses to experimental muscle pain: the central circuitry responsible for the increases or decreases in MSNA
S. Kobuch, A. Fazalbhoy, R. Brown, L.A. Henderson, V.G. Macefield
Penrith, Australia


Poster #65
Autonomic dysfunction in Charcot Marie Tooth disease IA
R. Bhavaraju-Sanka, P. Jones
San Antonio, TX, USA

Poster #66
Symptomatic autonomic impairment in autism spectrum disorders
B.P. Goodman, J.A. Khoury, C. Hoffman-Snyder, B.K. Woodruff
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Poster #67
Intraepidermal nerve fiber density quantification is more sensitive method than sudomotor test for detecting early neuropathy in type 2 diabetes
E.H. Sohn, K.S. Song, A.Y. Lee
Daejeon, South Korea

Poster #68
Interaction between circadian blood pressure rhythm and autonomic nervous function in diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease
G. Yasuda, S. Komiya, T. Hase, A. Fujiwara, N. Hirawa
Yokohama, Japan

Poster #69
Effect of gastroparesis on glycemic variability in insulin-treated patients with diabetes mellitus
B. White, B.G. Theckedath, V. Nellaiappan, A. Gupta, R.   Bhattaram, J.L. Gilden
North Chicago, IL, USA

Poster #70
Unable to attend


Poster #71
Autonomic neuropathy in adult Still’s disease
G.A. Cook
Portsmouth, VA, USA


Poster #72
Autonomic disorders in a tertiary military referral clinic
G.A. Cook
Portsmouth, VA, USA

Poster #73
Psychophysiologic responses to a laboratory stressor in chronic pelvic pain conditions vs. healthy controls
D. Williams, J. Janata, G. Chelimsky, K. Pajer, J. Thayer, T. Chelimsky
Columbus, OH, USA

Poster #74
Chronic stress induced autonomic and mitochondria dysfunction in neuronal and non-neuronal cells: role in IC/BPS
F.A. Kullmann, A. Wolf-Johnston, B. McDonnell, A.J. Kanai, C. Corey, S. Shiva, T. Chelimsky, L. Rodriguez, L.A. Birder
Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Poster #75
Head-down tilt bed rest increases sympathetic burst latency
S.A Klassen, S. De Abreu, P. Denise, J.K. Shoemaker, H. Normand
London, ON, Canada

Poster #76
Vascular sympathetic control in Sjögren syndrome
E. Brunetta, P. Mandelli, M.I.S. Achenza, E. Scannella, L. Boccassini, A. Marchi, F. Barbic, I. Bianchi, P.S. Puttini, A. Porta, R. Furlan
Rozzano, Italy

Poster #77
Can distraction play a role in sympathetic output and pain perception during experimental muscle pain?
R. Brown, S. Kobuch, V. Macefield
Campbelltown, Australia

Poster #78
Stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) for medicine refractory chronic neuropathic pain: is there sympathetic involvement?
Y.B. Sverrisdóttir, J. Fitzgerald, A. Kent, J. Kramer, A.L. Green
Oxford, UK

Poster #79
Influences of experimental air pollution on human sympathetic nerve traffic: a double blind, randomized, twofold crossover study
K. Heusser, J. Tank, O. Holz, M. May, J. Brinkmann, A. Diedrich, T. Framke, A. Koch, A. Grosshennig, F.C.G.J. Sweep, W. Koch, N. Krug, J. Jordan, J.M. Hohlfeld
Hannover, Germany


Poster #80
Oscillatory lower body negative pressure impairs task related functional hyperemia in healthy volunteers
J.M. Stewart, K. Balakrishnan, P. Visintainer, Z.R. Messer, C. Terilli, M.S. Medow
Hawthorne, NY, USA

Poster #81
Influence of sex, menstrual cycle and oral contraceptives on autonomic function and cerebrovascular resistance
S. Abidi, M. Nili, S. Serna, S. Kim, H. Edgell
Toronto, ON, Canada

Poster #82
Cerebrovascular function and persistent headache after sports-related concussion: preliminary results
T. Albalawi, J.W. Hamner, W.P. Meehan III, C.O. Tan
Boston, MA, USA

Poster #83
Orthostatic cerebral hypoperfusion syndrome (OCHOs)
P. Novak
Boston, MA, USA


Poster #84
Safety and preliminary efficacy of intranasal insulin in Parkinson disease: a pilot study
P. Novak, D. Pimentel, V. Novak
Boston, MA, USA

Poster #85
Clinical observations regarding the use of ivabradine in autonomic dysfunction
A. Barboi, S. Moffat, V. Cadell, I. Furman
Glenview, IL, USA

Poster #86
Droxidopa for neurogenic orthostatic hypotension in autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy
J.A. Palma, J. Martinez, L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, H. Kaufmann
New York, NY, USA

Poster #87
Blood pressure normalization with cranial nerve modulation in migraine subjects
R.M. Harper, D. Snodgrass, F. Yan-Go, J. Jen, C.R. White, R.K. Harper, M. Yazdizadeh, E.K. Sauerland
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Poster #88
Droxidopa improved attention and hyperactivity in a patient with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (HSAN IV)
C. Fuente Mora, C. Spalink, J.A. Palma, L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, H. Kaufmann
New York, NY, USA

Poster #89
Dexmedetomidine: a novel approach to treating refractory adrenergic crisis in familial dysautonomia
R.C. Dillon, C. Spalink, L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, J.A. Palma, D. Altshuler,
J. Papadopoulos, H. Kaufmann
New York, NY, USA

Poster #90
Hemodynamics and muscle sympathetic nerve activity in patients with end stage heart failure before and after left ventricular assist device implantation
K. Heusser, J. Boehm, J. Brinkmann, C. Bara, A. Haverich, A. Diedrich, J. Jordan, J. Schmitto, J. Tank
Hannover, Germany

Poster #91
AAS-Lundbeck Travel Fellowship Award
Cardiac pacemaker channel (HCN4) inhibition and atrial arrhythmogenesis following acute relief of cardiac sympathetic activation
K. Chobanyan-Jürgens, K. Heusser, D. Duncker, C. Veltmann, M. May, H. Mehling, F.C. Luft, C. Schröder, J. Jordan, J. Tank
Hannover, Germany


Poster #92
How to leverage social media to advance the field of autonomic disorders
W.P. Cheshire Jr., L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann
Jacksonville, FL, USA


Poster #93
Reduced vagal modulation of heart rate in pediatric functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID)
L. Zhong, T. Chelimsky, C. Welzig, A. Silverman. G. Chelimsky
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Poster #94
Characterization of endocannabinoid (EC) changes with diffuse noxious inhibitory control (DNIC) in subjects with pediatric functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID)
D. Wayer, T. Chelimsky, C. Hillard, A. Silverman, L. Conant, P. Simpson, C. Welzig, K. Hainsworth, G. Chelimsky
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Poster #95
AAS-Lundbeck Travel Fellowship Award
Low bioenergetics in functional disorders parallel disability score
T. Chelimsky, P. Simpson, L. Zhang, J. Banda, D. Dimock, S. Komas, E. Awe, G. Chelimsky
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Poster #96
Identification and evaluation of rare, congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS)-causing PHOX2B non-polyalanine repeat expansion mutations (NPARMs) and associated phenotypes
A. Zhou, P. Reineke, C. Moore, C.M. Rand, V. Speare, E.M. Berry-Kravis, L. Zhou, M. Yu, L.J. Jennings, D.E. Weese-Mayer
Chicago, IL, USA


Poster #97
AAS-Lundbeck Travel Fellowship Award
Bowel management and quality of life following spinal cord injury: the influence of autonomic dysreflexia
V.E. Lucci, J.A. Inskip, M.S. McGrath, R. Willms, V.E. Claydon
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Poster #98
Correlation between heart rate at rest and vagal reactivation after submaximal exercise test
G.L. Garcia, K.E. Fontana, C.J. Gomes, E.M.K.V.K. Soares, W.R. Alves, L.G.G. Porto, L.F. Junqueira Jr, G.E. Molina
Brasilia, Brazil


Poster #99
Vestibular dysfunction in the autonomic laboratory
S. Jaradeh, S. Muppidi, M. Miglis, L. Fong, F. Luc, T. Prieto
Stanford, CA, USA

Poster #100
The relationship between parasympathetic activity and aortic blood pressures in young healthy individuals
P.L. Latchman, G.J. Gates, W. Zhu, R.S. Axtell, R. Thiel, N.S. Stachenfeld, R.E. De Meersman
New Haven, CT, USA

Poster #101
State anxiety and nonlinear heart rate variability during examination stress
E.V. Saperova, D.A. Dimitriev
Cheboksary, Russia

Poster #102
AAS-Lundbeck Travel Fellowship Award
Short- and long-term effects of Fingolimod on cardiovagal gain in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
S. Roy, C. de Rojas Leal, R. Wang, M. Liu, D.-H. Lee, R.A. Linker, M.J. Hilz
Erlangen, Germany

Poster #103
Central autonomic dysregulation may cause inadequate cardiovagal modulation in multiple sclerosis patients after six months of Fingolimod-treatment
M.J. Hilz, R. Wang, F. Canavese, M. Liu, C. de Rojas Leal, S. Roy, D.-H. Lee, R.A. Linker
Erlangen, Germany

Poster #104
Heart rate variability in women working in hospital: a comparison between women with and without preschool children
L. Dalla Vecchia, B. De Maria, C. Andreotti, V. Mansi, A. Porta
Milan, Italy

Poster #105
Investigating the relationship between cardiac interoception and heart rate variability via interoceptive (active) inference
A.P. Owens, K.J. Friston, D.A. Low, C.J. Mathias, H.D. Critchley
London, UK


Poster #106
Clinical autonomic testing in autism spectrum disorder
A.P. Owens, V. Iodice
London, UK

Poster #107
Autonomic symptoms endorsed by adults with autism spectrum disorders
B.K. Woodruff, J.B. Adams, M. Temkit, B.P. Goodman.
Scottsdale, AZ, USA


Poster #108
Validity of bedside tests for evaluating sweating in normal and anhidrotic patients
R.K. Khurana, C. Russell
Baltimore, MD, USA


Poster #LB1
Fingolimod-initiation in multiple sclerosis patients is associated with beneficial cardiovascular autonomic effects
R. Wang, C. de Rojas Leal, M. Liu, F. Canavese, S. Roy,
K.M. Hösl, K. Winder, D.-H. Lee, R.A. Linker, M.J. Hilz
Erlangen, Germany

Poster #LB2
Elimination of spurious absent sweat response in QSART recordings
J. Corfits, W. Singer, P. Sandroni, R.D. Fealey, E.A. Coon, E.E. Benarroch, S. Berini, M. Mauermann, D.M. Sletten, J.K. Cutsforth-Gregory, J.D. Schmelzer, P.A. Low
Rochester, MN, USA

Poster #LB3
Neurogenic versus non-neurogenic orthostatic hypotension – practical predictors for the office
H.A. Kim, D.M. Sletten, M.D. Suarez, P. Sandroni, R.D. Fealey, E.A. Coon, P.A. Low, W. Singer
Rochester, MN, USA

Poster #LB4
Autoimmunity-associated autonomic failure with sympathetic denervation
D.S. Goldstein, C. Holmes, P. Sullivan, V. Donadio, E. Zhong, R. Isonaka, Y. Sharabi
Bethesda, MD, USA

Poster #LB5
Pure autonomic failure without synucleinopathy
R. Isonaka, C. Holmes, P. Sullivan, D.S. Goldstein
Bethesda, MD, USA

Poster #LB6
Contribution of the carotid chemoreflex to sympathetic discharge patterns in healthy humans
J.K. Limberg, W.W. Holbein, M.B. Badrov, M.J. Joyner, J.K. Shoemaker
Rochester, MN, USA

Poster #LB7
Effect of aromatherapy on autonomic nervous system by using wearable devices in patients after childbirth
M. Kogure, K. Imazu, Y. Kogure, Y. Yamanouchi, J. Hirose, K. Usuku
Kumamoto, Japan