Editorial Team members, Resident & Fellow Section

Posted 2 years ago

The Neurology Resident & Fellow Editors are seeking neurology residents to serve a three-year term as Editorial Team members for the Neurology Resident & Fellow Section. Responsibilities will begin in August 2019.

Responsibilities will include periodic manuscript review, assistance in writing manuscripts, recruiting others to write manuscripts on topics related to neurology education, generating ideas for the Section, and participation in monthly conference calls. New members are expected to dedicate an estimated 3 hours per month to the Section. Residents should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including demonstrated strong writing ability and leadership potential. Those with a particular interest in medical education and teaching are particularly welcome.

Beginning in 2019, residents from accredited neurology training programs anywhere in the world are invited to apply.  To be eligible, residents must be starting their 2nd year of neurology training on July 1, 2019If we take programs located in the USA as an example,  adult residents starting PGY3 July 1, 2019, or child neurology residents starting their second year of child neurology training [PGY4 or PGY5] July 1, 2019, are eligible.  Program directors can nominate residents or residents may nominate themselves.


Application Requirements:

*   C.V.

*   Letters of support from Program Director must confirm eligibility and assure that nominee can contribute the hours/responsibilities outlined above;

*   A brief personal statement (less than 1 page) from the applicant must include a proposed new initiative or idea for improvement of existing subsections. This statement should be the applicant’s personal work as it will serve as a sample of the individuals own writing style and ability;

*   Additional letters of support from other mentors are welcome, but not required


Send completed applications to rfsection@neurology.org​ by August 1, 2019. Residents will be notified by August 15, 2019.

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