Post-Doctoral Fellow

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Posted 4 months ago

The Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center is seeking for a fellow interested to pursue a career in translational research. Our Center focuses on the cardiometabolic actions of the autonomic nervous system



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Research Description

My research focuses on the interactions between the autonomic nervous system and nitric oxide in the regulation of blood pressure, in normal physiology and disease states. In particular, the impact of increased sympathetic activity on impaired nitric oxide function as seen in obesity associated hypertension. Our group is interested in understanding the role of the interactions between neural and local mechanisms that regulate blood pressure. We run a complete autonomic laboratory that includes autonomic reflex testing, tilt table testing, microneurography (direct recording of sympathetic traffic), measurement of plasma catecholamines and metabolites, ganglionic blockade to induce transient autonomic failure, and estimation of norepinephrine spillover. We also perform physiological and pharmacological tests using different techniques that includes determination of peak oxygen consumption, measurement of cardiac output by the re-breathing method and the the perfused forearm technique to asses endothelial function.


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