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University of Utah Vascular Research Laboratory

Posted 2 years ago

Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity at the University of Utah Vascular Research Laboratory

The University of Utah Vascular Research Laboratory (UVRL) is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows interested in training in the areas of Cardiovascular and Exercise Physiology. Our group’s broad research interests are focused on the link between vascular and skeletal muscle function in humans. We are interested in the mechanisms that limit skeletal muscle function with healthy aging, physical inactivity, and age-related diseases such as Hypertension and Heart Failure. Potential candidates would assist with currently funded NIH R01 and VA Merit projects are focused on physical inactivity (i.e., bed rest, limb immobilization, reduced activity) which include the study vascular and skeletal muscle changes that occur during inactivity. These projects are designed to determine how oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction contribute to decreases in vascular and skeletal muscle function during inactivity. Novel interventions aimed at preserving function will be examined to mechanistically identify the contribution of oxidative stress to inactivity-induced decreases in function.

Trainees at the UVRL have the opportunity to learn a wide spectrum of techniques in a highly collaborative environment. Trainees will have access to state-of-the-art, in house technology for studying human Integrative Physiology, including, but not limited to: in vivo and in vitro vascular and metabolic responses, drug infusion techniques, Doppler ultrasound measurements of blood flow, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging of the skeletal muscle, and a host of molecular and cellular biology techniques.

More information about our research program is located at

Candidates should have some or all of the following attributes: 1) a strong background in Integrative Physiology, 2) good communication skills (written/spoken English), 3) an excellent academic record, 4) a keen desire to learn, and 5) previous research experience working with human volunteers and/or patients in a Physiology research environment. Prior experience with ultrasound imaging, mitochondrial respiration, cell imaging, and biochemistry laboratory techniques will be major assets. Additional training will be provided, as needed, to ensure the success of trainees.

Candidates should submit a letter of intent outlining their qualifications and career objectives, complete list of publications and awards, and references who may be contacted. Salary will be commensurate with current NIH NRSA stipend levels.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Joel Trinity, University of Utah Department of Internal Medicine (

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