Respiratory Physiology – Scientist

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Posted 1 year ago

Position title: Assistant-senior scientist in respiratory physiology

Work type:
Full time–100%

Minimum $42,512 ANNUAL (12 months); depending on qualifications. 

Position summary:
We seek a highly productive and motivated scientist, preferably with previous experience in respiratory and/or sleep physiology in rodents, and a track record of scientific achievement as evidenced by primary authorship of peer-reviewed publications.

The incumbent will perform translational research in the James B Skatrud Pulmonary and Sleep Physiology Laboratory directed by Mihaela Teodorescu, MD in the Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, of the Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The work broadly addresses mechanistic pathways whereby chronic lung disease (asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, COPD) and sleep/sleep disorders reciprocally interact. The incumbent will work in rodent models that focus on: 1) role of lung disease and related factors in modulating breathing control, and upper airway structure and function during sleep and wakefulness; 2) effects of obstructive sleep apnea’s features (intermittent hypoxia, respiratory effort) on lung function and biology. Additionally, multiple collaborative projects are ongoing to expand findings in the lung to other relevant areas, related to swallowing, pulmonary circulation, cardiovascular function, oncogenesis and bone biology, in rodent models.

The key methods employed include exposures to various protocols of intermittent hypoxia or mechanical stress (of various intensities/durations) concurrent with various respiratory challenges/injuries. Readouts are measures of breathing control and lung properties utilizing plethysmography, FlexiVent systems, gas chromatography, MRI imaging; tongue physiology via nerve stimulation and video-fluoroscopy; oral and bronchoalveolar lavage, multiple tissues harvesting and processing; and analyses of biological specimens (lavage, various tissues) and blood using standard molecular and cellular assays (DNA/RNA prep, RT-PCR, ELISA, Western blotting, histological staining, imaging, and image analysis). Several interventional studies are planned to test specific targets, identified in recent work.

Required education and skills:

  • PhD in Physiology or related field (such as, Biological Sciences, Cell Biology, Pharmacology among others)
  • Expertise in operating/maintaining and troubleshooting physiologic equipment
  • Excellent reading, writing, and verbal communication skills in English language
  • Good knowledge of common statistical software and computer programs
  • Project management expertise including the ability to prioritize tasks and excellent time management skills
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, work ethic and work well in a collaborative environment.

Principal duties:

  • Planning and execution of experiments, data collection and analysis
  • Obtain and keep up with regulatory approvals and reports to funding agencies.
  • Oversee grant budgets, maintain detailed records of experimental procedures, data, and research specimens.
  • Closely collaborate with Principal Investigators and researchers involved in collaborative projects.
  • Demonstrate continuing motivation/initiative to learn new techniques, devise strategies, as needed, for the expansion of the program.
  • Write abstracts and manuscripts, present at scientific meetings, and assist in preparation of grant applications for extramural support
  • Help supervise and mentor medical fellows, residents, graduate and undergraduate students in the Lab
  • Perform other related job duties as assigned or delegated.

Additional information:
The successful applicant will be responsible for ensuring eligibility for employment in the United States, on or before the effective date of the appointment.

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