33rd International Symposium

Tentative Meeting Highlights

Click the dates below for a tentative schedule.

Wednesday, Nov 2

Morning Sessions:

Welcome and Meet & Greet

Autonomic Testing Workshop

Robertson Plenary Lecture (Claydon)

Afternoon Sessions:

Symposium 1: Towards a solution for autonomic dysfunction after spinal cord injury (Phillips)

Symposium 2: Orthostatic hypotension and circulatory dysregulation (Fedorowski)

Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings

Free Time

Evening Sessions:

Posters and Trainee Poster Competition

Ultimate Autonomic Challenge (Guzman)

Thursday, Nov 3

Morning Sessions:

Award presentations and Felecia Axelrod Award Lecture

Business meeting

Symposium 3: Emerging roles of RAS in health and disease (Sabharwal)

Symposium 4: Non-invasive measures of autonomic dysregulation in children (Weese-Mayer)

Afternoon Sessions:

Sessions 1 & 2: Abstract-based presentations (TBA)

Committee Meetings

Mentor-Mentee Round Table

Evening Sessions:

Streeten Plenary Lecture (Biaggioni)

Poster Session

Friday, Nov 4

Morning Sessions:

Sessions 3 & 4: Abstract-based presentations (TBA)

Debate: Pacemakers and cardio-neuroablation (Raj, Mar)

Symposium 5: Sleep and autonomic nervous system (Miglis)

Afternoon Sessions:

Symposium 6: Cognitive function in autonomic disorders (Freeman, Vernino)

Symposium 7: Neuromodulation for disease treatment (Fink, Osborn)

AAS Board Meeting

CAR Editorial Board Meeting

Evening Sessions:

Presidential Dinner

Saturday, Nov 5

Morning Sessions:

Session 5: Abstract-based presentations (TBA)

Symposium 8: Practical management issues in POTS (Raj, Snapper)

MSA Plenary Lecture (Meissner)

Afternoon Sessions:

Top trainee abstract/poster competition oral presentations

Closing remarks



Dr. Victoria Claydon

Autonomic Regulation in Spinal Cord Injury






Dr. Italo Biaggioni

The Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacology of Autonomic Disorders. It takes a Village