Poster Competition

The American Autonomic Society is hosting a Trainee Poster Competition. Only abstracts with the highest scores will be selected for this competition.


Selected trainees will be eligible for one of four Lundbeck Travel Awards.   Winners will be selected by a panel of senior investigator judges at Poster Session I.  Winners will be notified at the end of Poster Session 2.


The four winning trainees will be required to present a 5-minute platform presentation summary of their work (4-slides maximum) at the oral scientific session.



1. The layout will be landscape. Dimensions should not exceed 4 ft (1.2 m) high by 8 ft (2.4 m) wide.

2. Use adequate letter type and size to ensure readability at a distance of 2 m.

3. Poster titles must be identical to the title of the corresponding abstract.

4. Posters should feature well-designed figures, graphs, and tables. Figure legends should be at least 24-point font.

5. Organize the poster so that it is clear, orderly and allows you to explain your rationale, findings, and conclusions. Think about your message and practice your delivery.

6. You should prepare in advance a 5-minute oral PPT presentation in case you are chosen as a winner (see below for details). Oral presentations should be limited to 4-slides summarizing the background, methods, results and conclusions and last no more than 5-minutes. Practice your timing.

7. Bring your presentation on a memory stick/flash drive labeled with your last name.

8. If your work involves human participants or vertebrate animals, include a statement of prior ethical approval within the context of your presentation.

9. Do not laminate your poster (then it can be recycled).

10. Complete a speaker disclosure for this CME activity.


1. Selected Trainee poster boards will be marked. Before the session begins, locate your poster board number, which will be identical to the abstract number in the program. Mounting materials will be supplied.

2. Presenters must be at their posters for the entire duration of the session.

3. A panel of judges will visit each poster to discuss the work and review the findings.

4. During your poster presentation, address the following items: 1) Aims and overview of the study, 3) Results, 4) What is new?, 5) Significance of your finding, 6) What are the clinical implications (for clinical studies)

5. Posters must be taken down no later than 3 hours after the poster session ends. Posters not taken down will be recycled.

PRESENT YOUR WORK AT THE ORAL SESSION (Top four chosen posters only)

1. Load your presentation at the designated audiovisual desk. Check that your slides transferred OK.

2. Present your 5-minute, 4-slide oral presentation to Society members on the platform addressing the topics in section 4.

3. Collect your award check.


Download and view the Trainee Poster Instructions:



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