Autonomic Disorders Workshop for Generalists


Generalist Workshop and UCNS Review Course

Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, California

Wednesday, October 24

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Autonomic Medicine: A Course for Generalists Through Specialists

Organizer: David S. Goldstein, MD PhD


Workshop description: This workshop introduces autonomic medicine for generalists using a concept-based didactic approach and provides more directed coverage of autonomic disease entities, tests, and treatments for clinicians planning to take the UCNS certifying examination in autonomic disorders ( Faculty at the workshop are leading clinical academicians with extensive experience and expertise in this growing discipline. The course follows the general organization of Dr. Goldstein’s Principles of Autonomic Medicine, which is a freely available resource for trainees, patients, and clinicians.


Real-time conference calls: The workshop at the American Autonomic Society annual meeting culminates a series of real-time conference calls led by Dr. Goldstein for meeting registrants. Conference calls are optional for workshop participants but are highly recommended for clinicians planning to take the UCNS certifying examination. Calls are planned for Sundays at 2 PM EST on the following dates:


August 19 and 26

September 9, 16, 23, and 30

October 7, 14, and 21


To participate in the workshop and real-time conference calls:


Topics to be covered:

Generalists & Specialists

What are dysautonomias?

Why are dysautonomias so hard?

What is the autonomic nervous system?

Organization of the ANS

The central autonomic network

How does the ANS work?

Chemical messengers of the ANS

In dysautonomias what goes wrong?

The Dysautonomias Universe

                  Dysautonomias across the life span

How are dysautonomis classified?

Conditions associated with autonomic failure

Conditions associated with autonomic stimulation

What are the symptoms and signs of dysautonomias?

What is orthostatic hypotension?

What is orthostatic intolerance?

Autonomic function tests

What is the most important autonomic function test?

Overview of physiological, pharmacologic, biochemical, neuroimaging, and genetic tests

Managing dysautonomias

The most effective treatment

Non-drug treatments

Drug treatments

Living with dysautonomias

The Big Picture

                  How does homeostasis happen?

                  Flipping the clinic

Specialists, UCNS Certifying Exam. Prep

Stars in the Dysautonomias Universe

Inherited or congenitals dysautonomias



Heart failure

Stress cardiopathy

Chronic orthostatic intolerance

Autonomically mediated syncope

Postural tachycardia syndrome

Baroreflex failure

Spinal cord injury


Chronic autonomic failure

                                    Multiple system atrophy

                                    Pure autonomic failure

                                    Parkinson’s disease with orthostatic hypotension

                                    Dementia with Lewy bodies

Autoimmunity-associated dysautonomias

Autonomic function tests: detailed consideration




Neuroimaging (macroscopic & microscopic)


Managing dysautonomias: detailed consideration

Non-drug treatments

Drug treatments