Symposia Topics and Speakers for AAS Annual Meeting: November 6-9, 2019

It’s official!  Speakers and topics have been confirmed for AAS 2019, to be held November 6-9 at Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, Florida.




 Gender Difference in Autonomic Control of Blood Pressure and Metabolism

  • Qi Fu, MD, PhD (UT Southwestern)
  • Cyndya Shibao, MD, MSCI, FAAS (Vanderbilt University Medical Center)
  • Amy Arnold, PhD (Penn State)


Role of Autoimmunity in POTS

  • Steven Vernino, MD, PhD, FAAS (UT Southwestern)
  • David Kem, MD (University of Oklahoma)
  • Brent Goodman, MD (Mayo Clinic)


Gastrointestinal System in Autonomic Disorders

  • Keith Sharkey, PhD (University of Calgary)
  • Gisela Chelimsky, MD (Medical College of Wisconsin)
  • John E. Fortunato, MD (Northwestern Univrsity)


Heart Failure: Cutting Edge Autonomic Approach

  • Rodrigo Iturriaga, PhD (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
  • Mark W. Chapleau, PhD, FAAS (University of Iowa)
  • Marat Fudim, MD (Duke University Medical Center)


Vasovagal Syncope – The Present and the Future

  • Satish R. Raj, MD, MSCI (University of Calgary)
  • Carlos A. Morillo, MD (University of Calgary)
  • Phang Boon Lim, MD, PhD, MRCP (Imperial College London)
  • Mohammed Numan, MD (University of Texas Health Science Center)