2021 AAS Virtual Meeting is right around the corner

2021 AAS Virtual Meeting is right around the corner

Dear AAS meeting attendees,


The 2021 AAS Virtual Meeting is right around the corner – starting this Thursday, November 4.


We are looking forward to an engaging meeting with the latest autonomic science and opportunities to meet with colleagues.


The meeting app (Whova) is now live online and in the mobile app.


You can review the meeting agenda, view virtual posters, visit exhibitor pages and communicate with other attendees. The online Whova app is recommended for the best meeting experience. Use the email address you provided in your meeting registration submission to log in to whova.com.


This year’s virtual meeting will offer some special features. It’s time to get ready.


  • On Friday night, the President’s Virtual Reception will feature LiquidLab virtual mixology class. To participate fully with special AAS cocktails, please pick up the necessary ingredients (see the below shopping list).
  • On Friday morning, we will start the day with Mindfulness Meditation featuring Mastermind.
  • To improve interaction with virtual poster presenters, the meeting will feature Guided Poster Tours on Thursday afternoon and Live Interaction with Poster presenters on Friday afternoon.
  • Join the Exhibitor Passport Contest and Photo Contest to win Amazon gift cards.


We look forward to seeing you soon at the 2021 AAS Virtual Meeting! If you have any questions or trouble accessing the meeting platform in Whova, please let us know!



Steven Vernino MD PhD

UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

President, American Autonomic Society


Liquid Lab Drinks Shopping List