Autonomic Disorders Fellowship (Mayo Clinic Minnesota)

Autonomic Disorders Fellowship (Mayo Clinic Minnesota)

UCNS-certified Autonomic Disorders fellowship incorporating clinical, laboratory and research training. Research fellowship positions are also available.

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Autonomic manifestations are common in many fields of medicine. Autonomic disorders are specific conditions affecting the central or peripheral nervous system (or both) in which the clinical picture is dominated by autonomic signs and symptoms. These disorders are becoming increasingly recognized thanks to greater testing availability and increased awareness.

Autonomic consultations are in high demand, and autonomic specialists interact with other medical specialties and neurological subspecialties to provide a multidisciplinary, comprehensive management to such patients.

Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minnesota, offers a one-year Autonomic Disorders Fellowship to provide you with advanced training in the clinical and research aspects of autonomic disorders.

During your fellowship, you:

  • Participate in the clinical assessment and management of patients with a wide variety of autonomic disorders
  • Participate in interpreting the studies performed in the Autonomic Reflex Laboratory and Thermoregulatory Sweat Laboratory
  • Have the opportunity to participate in clinical research and work with the related areas of movement disorders and peripheral neuropathy
  • Have elective time available



Elizabeth Coon, M.D.
Program Director

Jean Smith
Education Coordinator
Phone: 507-284-8953