AAS Virtual Lecture Program

AAS Virtual Lecture Program

The American Autonomic Society Education Committee is excited to share a great opportunity to have experts in autonomic disorders speak to medical training programs.  The AAS has put together a panel of expert speakers who are willing to provide remote (virtual) lectures or other teaching sessions to medical residents free of charge.

Autonomic disorders often go unrecognized and under-diagnosed and many clinicians struggle with the treatments of these often-complex diseases.  Furthermore, autonomic disorders represent 2.7% of the ABPN’s neurology examination content outline.  Yet most programs do not have dedicated autonomic disorders specialists at their centers.

If you are interested in having one of our speakers connect with your program, please complete this Google Form.

Someone from our team will respond to you within 1 week from the following email: autonomic.lectures@gmail.com 

One of our experienced lecturers will reach out to your program directly for scheduling.  We ask that programs handle the logistics of setting up the virtual lecture (whether through Zoom or another platform).  We also ask that programs complete a very short survey after the lecture is completed to provide feedback.

At this time, the AAS has given 12 lectures, with an additional 8 scheduled and 8 in the process of being scheduled.  Your program could be next!


Education Committee,
American Autonomic Society