UCNS Certifying Exam Preparation Course: Summer 2022

UCNS Certifying Exam Preparation Course: Summer 2022

Dr. David Goldstein will be holding a UCNS Certifying Exam Preparation Course in Summer 2022.  This course is highly recommended for individuals planning to take the UCNS Certifying Exam in Autonomic Disorders.

The UCNS Autonomic Disorders Certification Examination online application process is now available. The new application allows for application completion, document uploads, and payment all to take place through the online process.  Review the application checklist of information and documents needed to prepare for application. Reasons to Become Certified, application template letters, and more information is available under “Initial Certification” at www.ucns.org.

Students participating in the Preparation Course will meet virtually with Dr. Goldstein weekly on Sunday mornings beginning August 2022 and culminating with an in-person review session on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 prior to the start of the annual AAS meeting.

Anyone desiring to participate in the Preparation Course should contact Dr. Goldstein directly at: GoldsteinD@ninds.nih.gov

Can’t attend the weekly meetings?  The 2020 UCNS Certifying Exam Review Course is available exclusively for current AAS Members as a series of pre-recorded video lectures delivered asynchronously.  Click here for access: https://americanautonomicsociety.org/aas-ucns-review-course-video-recordings/